Case Study 3

Ocean Fish Bar

Crossgates Leeds

After taking over the family business last year, the client felt that the shop was in need of refurbishment, with an additional requirement for an extension into the adjacent shop to create a takeaway. Our reputation preceded us; he’d heard of our high quality work, dedicated team and felt that we were the only person in the industry he could be guaranteed to trust.

We were very glad to meet his high expectations.

The Installation

  • External
  • Prep Rooms
  • Fish shop
  • Takeaway
  • Kitchen area
  • Shop front
  • Restaurant

Problem solving

As the client himself said, when you start a refurb project, you never know what’s going to transpire once the walls start coming down! We dealt with the unknowns, overcame problems as they arose and all at no extra cost – bringing the project in within budget. They were impressed with our ability to keep making progress, regardless of circumstances, and our willingness to keep pushing on to meet their requirements.


Positive outcomes

Our expertise and whole-market knowledge proved itself when it came to beating the client’s own research for materials, equipment and their associated prices. The exceptional quality throughout, the high tech products sourced and the great first impression the shop front creates has ensured complete satisfaction and a sizeable increase in business. Subsequent recommendations have led to many other happy clients too!